Woman's Colour Services

Foils one colour

Quarter head foils one colour from $54.00 Half head foils one colour from $64.00 Full head foils one colour from $90.00 Ombre foils one colour add extra $21.00

Foils multi colour

Quarter head foils multi colour from $80.00 Half head foils multi colour from $90.00 Full head foils multi colour from $108.00 Ombre foils multi extra add extra $21.00


T section from $27.00 Base/root colour from $54.00 Extra product ½ tube from $18.00 Extra product full tube from $30.00


Full toner from $34.00 Half toner from $18.00

Men's Hair Services

Men's hair

Mens Cut from $30.00 Mens clipper cut from $20.00 Mens cut and permanent colour from $60.00 Mens baliage from $34.00

Feva Pricing

Woman's Hair Services

Haircuts, restyles and blowdrys

Fringe trim from $12.00
Ladies hair cut from $42.00
Ladies restyle from $52.00
Blowdry from $39.00
Ladies cut and blowdry from $52.00
Ladies restyle and blowdry from $62.00


Half upstyle from $57.00
Curled hair (soft waves) from $57.00

Permanent straightening 

Straightening short from $282.00 Fringe only from $51.00

Children's Hair Services

Children's haircuts

0-9 Years from $18.00 10-13 Years from $27.00 14-17 Years from $30.00 Restyle add extra $11.00

Senior's Hair Services

Haircuts & blowdrys 

Blowdry from $34.00 Haircut from $36.00 Haircut and blowdry from $46.00 Restyle haircut and blowdry from $48.00 Men’s haircut from $26.00


Perm and cut from $97.00 Perm and blowdry from $92.00 Perm cut and blowdry from $107.00 Wash wear perm from $83.00 Spiral perms from $161.00

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